Tuesday, 20 September 2016

MOM HACKS | Arts and Crafts for Kids

Here are some brilliant ideas for Arts and Crafts with you Children that will make the mess, less messy. I wish I'd known thie when my girls were little.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Brooke Makes Her Dreams Come True with Magic

This is the wonderful Brooke. One of the best Magician's Apprentice's I've ever had the pleasure to perform "I Believe in My Dreams" peice with. What a little star. Get ready, she's going to steal your heart!

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Chris Doc Strange Interview at BBC Radio Bristol - Listen Now

Big thanks to Steve Yabsley for a brilliant interview today on BBC Radio Bristol. 

I thoroughly enjoyed myself as Chris Doc Strange Comedy Hypnotist. @comedyhypnotistshow @bbcradiobristol 

LISTEN ONLINE Now, I've added it to SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/chrisptee/bbc-radio-bristol-2016_06_24  I'm on at 26min 50secs

Chris Doc Strange at BBC Radio Bristol

Thursday, 16 June 2016

How to Save Money Hiring a Professional Magician and Childrens Entertainer

Here's the deal. Everyone wants to book a Brilliant Children's Entertainer at the weekend. No other time. There are 7 days in the week, but they only want to hire us on a Specific Saturday.

Yet, they wait until the Last Minute to Call and Wonder "Why is this Entertainer Unavailable?"

Even if they call sooner, some people wonder why we are not working for minimum wage.

Here's a Great Tip if you have a Limited Budget...

Don't Try to Hire an Magician or Entertainer at the Weekend or Last minute. Think ahead and Hire During the Week!

Yes, I know you are at Work and you can't do it. But think about it. If you Can Save More than you would earn in the couple of Hours you Take Off Early, you are quids in.

Especially when the Entertainer (Me) is Happy to Charge Less during Normal Working Times. (Normal for Everyone Else)

Otherwise, think about this. Do you get Paid More to Work at The Weekend? If the answer is Yes, why do you think that is?

Because people don't Like Working Weekends, they Need to be Paid MORE.

The Nature of our business means that we HAVE to Work Weekends, we have NO Choice.

We Have to Fit a Weeks Worth of Earnings into a Day and a Half.

The TOP TIP is this.

"If you want to hire a Professional Anyone at the Weekend, be prepared to Pay and Get a Great Job Well Done.
Otherwise, Do it when it's Less Convenient to You and SAVE!"

Contact Chris P Tee Magician and Find Out my Availability Now +447976884254

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Losing Two Loved Ones on the Same Day

This weekend, I had a planned excursion to a top secret destination, miles from home with a bunch of like minded, radio enthusiasts.

The plan was to meet up and drive in convoy to a soon to be disclosed location for a day of radio chat, beer, buying and selling, and an evening of beer, song and a magic show by yours truly.

I set off at 7am to arrive at 8.30am, I was 10 minutes early but they'd had enough waiting and knew I was not far behind. Within an hour, I had caught up with the Convoy and was no longer on the "Back Door"

Just before I got there, I had a call from my tearful daughter to tell me that my father in law, Barry, had passed away in the nursing home. They needed the details of the Funeral Director that I had used when making arrangements for my Dad, less than two years ago.

I was over half way to my destination and my wife told me to come home Sunday afternoon as planned.

My friends were updated with the sad news by radio and all agreed to have a drink in Barry's name.

There was a second call at 9.35am telling me to come home now. No more than 45 minutes from my destination, I pulled over on the hard shoulder to hear my wife tell me that my Mother in Law, Jane's Mum Sheila had just died as well, only 5 minutes ago.

Both husband and wife, grampy and nanny, separated by distance, but somehow connected. What kind of coincedence is this when a couple should die on opposite ends of town within hours of each other.

We are in shock.

My friends were updated and as they all drove passed, honked their horns, waved and over the radio, wished me condolences and a safe drive home as I came off the motorway in a daze and headed back whence I came.

Windows down, looking for coffee and a chance to clear my head.

I called Nick Gandon, the head honcho at Simplicita Cremations. Explained our dilemma and left it in his capable hands. He helped me before and once again came to the rescue.

Normally, on a weekend, I would be very busy with parties. I had saved this weekend to be a radio nerd. Lucky that I was available and I was back home with my family by 1pm.

The weekend has been full on ever since.

It's going to take some time to realise that our Matriarch has gone.


I saw her on the Friday evening after receiving an urgent call from her while in the middle of a magic show. I thanked the parents and children for their understanding while I called my wife to tell her she had been taken to A&E.

As soon as I finished the party, I left for the hospital. Strangely, I was performing only 5 minutes down the road, when we actually live more than 30 minutes away, I was first there.

Sheila had terminal lung cancer, we'd been told she had months, rather than years. At home she was coughing blood and was taken in.

I saw her, she was chirpy with a wonderful sense of humor. The emergency teams did their jobs admirably and made sure she was comfortable, though there were No Beds available.

Jane asked me to go home and see to our daughters who were in limbo with friends.

Jane didn't get home until 1am, she said that Sheila was comfortable and she was staying the night. Sheila thought she'd be sent home.

The Doctor said she woke up after a restful night, had breakfast and was chatting with him while he took notes and arranged for another pillow.

When he turned back to give her the pillow, she'd gone. Just like that.

There was nothing they could have done to save her.

Sheila was as good as a second mum to me. I always told people "I have the best Mother in Law in the World. I love her to bits"

Look after each other.
ALWAYS Tell the ones you Love that you Love Them.
Do what needs to be done.
Say what needs to be said.

I'm glad I told her that I loved her as a mum and a friend. I told her I would always look after and protect her daughter and grand daughters. And, at her request, that I would make all arrangements, read her eulogy and make sure everyone has a happy smile for a life well lived.

R.I.P Sheila and Barry. Thanks for your wonderful daughter. xxxx

Babel Fish? Not Quite, But nEAR Enough for ME